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World Club Men's 640kg Final - St. Pats TOW V Deinum-Britsum - Volendam 18.02.16 This competition was a real Rocky story!! A demoralised St. Pats team after a close defeat in the Men's 560kg final had to go straight back on to the rope...after a few losses on the rope against easy teams they were in a position of having to win every end for the rest of the competition - and they did!! And became the new World Club 640kg Champions!!! Maith thú buachaillí!! St. Pats Men on the rope front - back: Gary Conway, Warren Conway, Adrian Lynch, Michael Owen McGreehan, Liam Strain, Hugh Óg Conway, Seán Conway, PJ Griffin. Coach by Hugh Mór Conway St Pats Tow Senior Men's 640kg Team Pictured: Back Row L-R: Manus Doherty(team Attendant), Tomás Wilson, Adrian Lynch, Michael Owen McGreehan, Pj Griffin, Coach Hugh Mór Conway. Front Row L-R: Warren Conway, Gary Conway, Hugh Óg Conway, Seán Conway.

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